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Tecnimar offers the following services relying on the experience of our personnel to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our service, the safety of vessels and humans, the port infrastructure and the environment.
Maritime Pilot Service

To provide a safe and efficient service to our clients at the ports of Cartagena and Tumaco, Tecnimar has nine (9) master pilots, six (6) first category pilots and one (1) second category pilots, all licensed by the National Maritime Authority. This enables us to assist all types of vessels without tonnage limits.

In Cartagena, pilots carry out arrival, mooring and departure maneuvers at public ports and dedicated terminals such as Abocol – Ajover (Okianos) - Algranel - Argos - Contecar - Oil Tranking - Edurbe - Exxon Mobil - Malteria - Compas (CCTO) - Mexichem - Provincia (Muelle de Gaseros) - Refinería Ecopetrol - T.N.P (Terminal Néstor Pineda) - Vopack - Puerto de Mamonal - Zona Franca - SPRC (Sociedad Portuaria Regional Cartagena) - Atuncol - Astivik - Zapatero -  Bullpesa (Sipsa) - Sociedad Portuaria San Andres Islas (Muelle Howard) - Transpetrol - Texaco - Cotecmar Mamonal - Cotecmar Bocagrande – Muelle La Bodeguita - Puerto Bahia – Puerto Cayao.

In Coveñas and Tumaco, we are able to assist tankers that call ECOPETROL´s off-shore facilities as well as any other vessels that call other terminals in these ports.

The radio station operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, guaranteeing our clients immediate communication and coordination with vessels arriving to port. We have four (4) bilingual and experienced radio-operators to provide the best level of service. The station has three (3) VHF marine radios with licenses issued by the Ministry of Communications which enable us to use the bands of the maritime mobile service.

Launch Boat Service

Tecnimar currently operates seven (7) launch boats (SIRIANA, MALMO, MINERA I, KRIS I, DALMAR I, DALMAR II and DALMAR III), which meet all the requirements established by the Maritime Authorities for transport of pilot services and special services at the ports and terminals where we offer our services.

In Coveñas, the most important oil terminal in Colombia, we provide transportation services to pilots, agency and authority personnel aboard our launch boats SIRIANA and MALMO. These launch boats were designed and built specifically for this operation. They are state-of-the-art launch boats powered by a set of 650 HP Yanmar engines and propelled by Hamilton Jet water jets. These launches mark the beginning of the modernization of our fleet and Colombian ship-owners.

Mooring Service

For mooring & unmooring services at the different terminals, the company has a crew that consists of three (3) supervisors and nine (9) operators trained and equipped to provide an excellent service.

Phones: (+57-5) 641 1080
Manga, Cra. 27 No. 27-05, Centro empresarial Seaport, piso 3
Cartagena de Indias - Colombia
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